“Designed-for-Electric” Boat Ends 26-year Lack of Innovation

AquaNaut overcomes the inefficiencies of the planing hull design with a twin V-hull design that slices through the water as if skating on ice.

    HOUSTON, TX, October 13, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Following 5 years of research & testing, AquaNaut Boats LLC enters the recreational market with a new folding boat specially-designed for use with an electric outboard. The efficient hydrodynamic design yields a cruising speed of 3-4 knots fully-loaded (4 persons) on just 300 watts of electric outboard power. In addition to obvious environmental advantages, AquaNaut also cuts the cost of boating for new entrants by over 50% versus a conventional small boat + gasoline-powered outboard.

The launch of the AquaNaut 270, an 8′-10″ model, could hardly come at a better time. The small boat market has seen a flood of new electric engines, but with limited uptake due to range & performance issues of the planing hull design prevalent in the small boat market today. AquaNaut overcomes the inefficiencies & higher horsepower requirements of the planing hull design with a twin V-hull design that slices through the water as if skating on ice.

Roland Heersink, Founder of AquaNaut Boats, and an engineer by training says:

As a cruising sailor, I’ve used an electric outboard for years, but always struggled with range and performance issues. Following trials with various folding & inflatable boats, it became apparent there was no boat suitable for practical use with an electric outboard. That was 5 years ago, and today, I’m pleased to help boaters around the world enjoy the outdoors without the noise, smell & reliability issues of gasoline-powered outboards.

Introduction of the AquaNaut 270 also ends a 26-year dearth of innovation in the folding boat market, in which the only US patent granted was for a folding transom in 2009, fifteen years after the last new folding boat design in 1994. Heersink’s patents & market introduction now change that and open the market for practical electric-powered boating, giving AquaNaut boaters a range of more than 10 miles on a standard car battery, and even more on today’s high-capacity batteries.

In addition, the center bench on the AquaNaut holds unique appeal in the small boat market – serving as wine&cheese table, suntan bed, or lateral fishing bench – making it especially attractive to all members of the household as the boat of choice.

AquaNaut launches its 270 model via crowdfunding site KickStarter.com today, October 13th (see link here)[1]. Interest has been running high since the AquaNaut cameo on YouTube sailing channel “Emily & Clarks Adventure”[2] in 2019, where an early prototype has attracted thousands of viewers. YouTube subscribers are not the only ones excited over the new possibilities, however…

Mary Jo Reinhardt, Director of OEM and Retail Sales for Torqeedo Inc., says:
“Since 2005, we have been leading the boating market with innovation and propulsion products. For years, Roland has been a staunch supporter of Torqeedo, using our outboards on a range of small boats. We now congratulate him and the AquaNaut team for their contributions to the field and look forward to a surge of interest in electric boating as we together deliver enhanced boating performance to the small boat segment.

The AquaNaut 270 is an 8-foot twin hull boat, folding down to just 3 inches for roofrack transport on any car, with the heaviest component weighing just 36 pounds. Assembly can be completed within 8 minutes, and is suitable for any individual, aged 10+. Lightweight design allows for easy storage on bicycle hooks in any garage, or transport by elevator into any storage closet with an 8-foot ceiling. For further design & sales information see the company’s website: www.AquaNautBoats.com.[3]

AquaNaut Boats produces super-efficient folding boats for recreational boating with electric outboards. Our twin hull boats are easy to assemble and stable & efficient like none other. Go anywhere. Store anywhere.

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